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Become a Lincoln County Republican Precinct Committee officer today!

Precinct Committee Officers (PCO’s) are the official local representatives of the REPUBLICAN party. Being a PCO is a great way to get involved at the grassroots level to impact our governmental process and help support the candidates and issues that are important to you.

As a PCO you will get to know and with other local Republicans to support our values. Please join us in support of our Lincoln County by becoming a Precinct Committee Officer in your area!

For information please call:

Art Deppner- 725-2472 • Dugan Blechschmidt- 725-0263

- Raffle Winner -

Sharon Chrisman

-of Indian Creek fame-

Thank you raffle purchasers

Your Lincoln County Republic Committee thanks all who purchased raffle opportunities for our latest gift certificate to Davenport Sporting Goods. Funds from this raffle help support our 2nd Amendment as well as our local and state representatives.

Please remember that our votes are extremely important for these local representatives, as well as nation. Our voter turnout is one of the best in the state.

Please continue to take the time to get to know our issues and candidates and VOTE!